9 Discounts and Benefits Seniors Are Entitled To But they Forget to Claim

Discounts for seniors are available everywhere. Most retail stores and restaurant chains offer some type of senior discount. Red Dot merchandise is available for 10% off at some retailers.

Other retailers offer discounts on certain types of products. For example, if you’re a member of AARP, you can get 10% off your Amtrak tickets. If you are a safe driver, your car insurance can be reduced. Insurance companies offer discounts for senior drivers up to 30% on their policies.

Although Medicare and Social Security are the only official means of claiming senior discounts, there are many discounts that can be applied to seniors earlier. The AARP, for example, offers seniors discounts at restaurants and hotels. However, some discounts have specific minimum age requirements that seniors must meet before they can use them. You must be at least 50 to receive the discount.

Many discounts are available to seniors in the tourism industry. In addition to discounts on hotel room rates, they also offer discounts on car insurance. Maintaining a clean driving record is a great way to cut down on your car insurance costs. While some insurance companies will offer discounts for people over 55, others may require proof of age. These discounts and other benefits are yours to enjoy.