6 of the highest-paid occupations in the U.S.

The average salary for nursing is higher than most other careers, but nurse anesthetists are particularly well-paid.

Although their roles are similar to those of an anesthesiologist they do not receive the same training. This means that becoming a nurse anesthetist is less expensive than becoming a doctor or going to medical school. CRNAs are certified, registered nurse anesthetists. They can work in many different settings including hospitals surgical suites, obstetrical deliveries rooms, ambulatory surgery centers, doctor’s offices, and pain management centers.

  • Education – Candidates must complete a master’s program accredited by the Commission. This usually takes between 24 and 51 months. Many people go on to complete fellowship programs, especially if they are specializing in the field. CRNA candidates must have at least one year’s experience as a registered nurse in critical-care settings.
  • Job Outlook – It is difficult to find a job with a growth rate that exceeds the nurse anesthetists’ over the next few years. The BLS projects that employment will increase by 45% by 2029.