Here are some simple ways to repel mosquitoes

Whether you’re going on a camping trip or just spending time outdoors, mosquitoes are an ongoing problem. To avoid getting bitten by mosquitoes, you don’t need to spend time outdoors. It is important to dress appropriately to prevent being bitten. You should avoid long sleeves and clingy clothing that can attract mosquitoes.

cute asian baby girl has rash and allergy on neck skin from mosquito bite and sucking blood while playing outdoor

You should dispose of all potted plants, especially if they collect rainwater. These plants are a breeding ground for mosquitoes, and they can trigger severe allergic reactions. Spray the area with lavender oil. This will deter them. This trick is not enough. You may need to consult with your landlord to get a permit to do this. The landlord may not be able to resolve the issue. You could also try your hand at the task by adding a couple of drops of lavender oil to water.

You can also mix some essential oils in a cup of water. To repel mosquitoes, spray the mixture onto your skin. You can also make your own homemade repellent if you are concerned about the chemicals getting on fragile fabrics. Other natural remedies include coconut oil or neem oil, which repel mosquitoes for up to half a day. Another option is to burn citronella or lavender candles.

Arm of gilr is bitten by the mosquito and get bumps on her skin in the summer

The use of lemon eucalyptus oil is an effective natural mosquito repellent. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends oil for different kinds of ailments and injuries. You can use it at home as well. A few drops of lemon eucalyptus can be added to water and left in the solution for several hours each day. You can also place a few droplets of the mixture in a plastic bottle and spray it around the house.