How to Turn Around Rising Blood Sugar

Diabetic patients need to manage their blood sugar. This is an intricate process that takes time for the body to adapt to new changes. If you don’t know how to use your meter correctly, talk to your healthcare provider for guidance. Some people need medications to control their blood sugar. Your health care team can also help you manage your glucose. These tips will help you control your blood sugar. You will learn how important it is to have regular testing for blood sugar.

Close up of male finger with blood drop and glucometer test strip

High blood sugar (also known as hyperglycemia) is dangerous. It can result in long-term health issues. Common signs include blurred vision, fatigue, increased thirst, frequent trips to the bathroom, and increased frequency. High blood sugar can cause difficulty in concentration. Insulin is also released by the body to help convert glucose into energy. It can prove dangerous for your blood sugar to get too high, or too low.