Medicare-funded dental implants for seniors

Assessing your insurance coverage is the first step to getting dental implants for seniors covered by Medicare. If the procedure is covered by your policy, many policies cover dental treatment. Medicare covers X-rays needed for kidney transplants or heart valve replacements. Otherwise, the benefits you receive will be limited to a checkup every six months and a few other preventive measures. Most plans offer dental benefits, though you will have to pay a premium.

Dentist for what? A real man pulls his teeth himself.

Medicare beneficiaries have other options. Many private insurance providers will pay for dental implant treatment. However, you will still need to pay a monthly premium for the plan. For example, you can look up different Medicare Advantage plans by zip code. Although some of these policies may not include dental implants coverage, there may still be one available that will. You may be eligible to receive some services for your dental implant from private insurances in addition to Medicare.