Neuropathic Treatment and Neuropathic Facts

Pain caused by a disorder of the nervous system is called neuropathic pain. It is characterized by decreased sensation in your legs, feet, and ankles. It can cause problems with balance and reflexes and can result in depression and anxiety. There are many treatment options for this condition. If neuropathic pain is not treated, patients should immediately seek medical attention. Or else their condition can worsen. They can have surgery in the interim to increase their quality of living and decrease the risk of developing a further condition.

X-ray image of diabetic foot amputation, AP and oblique view, Radiography with deformed toes

Neuropathic pain may cause mild discomfort or severe, constant pain. Although every patient has their own unique set of symptoms, many people experience this kind of chronic pain. Catherine M. Kew (PharmD) explains that neuropathic symptoms are usually characterized as increased sensitivity to normal stimulation, misinterpretation, and a heightened sense of pain. Neuropathic pain may present as a burning sensation, or as a pricking, tingling, or tingling sensation. You can make them worse by carrying weight.