People are thrilled to know that babies Owls sleep with their heads down

Their naps are brief and, when they’re asleep they don’t want to be awakened, not even to be fed.

If you thought that baby Owls could not get better than this it turns out that they are. Think about this for a minute:

Have you ever thought about how creatures sleep? Adult owls rest in a straight position, but Owls can’t, as their bodies aren’t strong enough. As a result, until they become big enough to be able to sleep sitting up they resort to a different approach to sleep: they lay on their stomachs, and then turn their heads sideways before going to sleep.

With two babies and teaching them to hunt mama needed a break

Check out the adorable birds that people are in love with. Your heart is likely to melt at the sight of cuteness. Young owls can accomplish this feat while sitting on the branches of a tree. They aren’t able to fall off because of the power of their back foot which is known as the hallux. The creature is tied to the tree by the hallux and cannot be able to move until an owlet gently bends its leg.