People are thrilled to know that babies Owls sleep with their heads down

Young owls do not fall off the tree when snoozing because it holds the tree by their hindfoot. Unfortunately, the owls are attracted by the desire to explore the world around them is a major factor before they are able to fly, and they often land on the ground, often directly in our faces.

Every newborn is born with a head that is too large for their body. But the owls of babyhood are so big that they have to sleep face down. Although the source’s credibility was initially dismissed it has turned to be the truth, with images of young owls asleep being discovered which makes it more amazing.

Adult owls lie up due to their being fully developed, while younger owls struggle with their head weight and have to lay down. The two baby owls were sleeping on their stomachs with their head turned towards the side. Although it wasn’t an actual face-plant I’m certain it was equally cute.