Try putting a slice of lemon beside your bed each night to see what happens!

A simple lemon slice placed on your bedside table could have a positive effect on how stressed you feel. The antiseptic properties of lemon can have an impact on your mood. Aromatherapists believe that lemon can be used as a natural stress-buster. It increases serotonin, which is the brain’s happy chemical. This regulates mood and balances depression. You will feel more relaxed and sleep better at night thanks to the lemon scent. Did you know that lemons placed next to your bed can help regulate anxiety and mood swings? The room will feel positive because of the pleasant aroma. Simply cut the lemon into four pieces and place them on a plate beside your bed. You don’t want to cut the lemon into pieces. Let the yellow aroma of the fruit take its course and let it breathe!

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